Aurora FXL 120 Octa Beauty Box


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Firefly XL is an innovative light modifier with which one can truly enjoy both beauty dish and octa softbox lighting effects. Thanks to the umbrella mounted mechanism, it takes no more than a minute to assemble.
Traditionally the Beauty Dish and Octa Softboxes are some of the most loved light modifiers for use in portrait photography. The Beauty Dish is not only a punchy main light source but it also creates a nice round catchlight in the eyes. It provides a dramatic look that contains deeper shadows than a standard softbox. The Octa Softbox in contrast, provides a softer light source that is more flattering and hence produces softer shadows. It creates a light that wraps around the subject producing excellent detail in shadow areas and is ideal for a main or fill light.



Model Description Depth Weight
FXL 120S BW Octa ø 120cm (48″), Silver, for Aurora/Bowens 58cm (22.8″) 1.5kg
FXL 120S MP Octa ø 120cm (48″), Silver, for Multiblitz Profilux 58cm (22.8″) 1.5kg
FXL 120S BP Octa ø 120cm (48″), Silver, for Broncolor Pulso 58cm (22.8″) 1.5kg
FXL 120S BI Octa ø 120cm (48″), Silver, for Broncolor Impact 58cm (22.8″) 1.5kg
FXL 120S HE Octa ø 120cm (48″), Silver, for Hensel Expert 58cm (22.8″) 1.5kg
FXL 120S BA Octa ø 120cm (48″), Silver, for Balcar 58cm (22.8″) 1.5kg
FXL 120S PF Octa ø 120cm (48″), Silver, for Profoto 58cm (22.8″) 1.5kg