Aurora Firefly Par 95cm


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Firefly PAR (FPO 85/FPO 95)

The most upgrade light modifier from Aurora

Firefly Par uses the patented umbrella mechanism which allows instant set up and collapse. Unlike earlier versions of Firefly series, Firefly Par is 16-gon, parabolic, and optional bounce discs in different colors are available.

Very close to circle, 16 sided Firefly Par creates a round eye catch and with flattered back, it provides a dramatic look close to classic beauty dish. More parabolic and deeper than conventional octa softbox and Firefly XL, it wraps around your subject with nicely diffused light.

Inner diffuser is a circular disc made with Aurora standard diffusing material. It alone is a good light diffusing disc when handheld or with a disc holder. Optional bounce disc is available in two different colors; silver/gold and softgold/white and it also twist folds just like conventional reflector.


  • Collapsible, light weight and portable
  • Patented umbrella mechanism for instant set up and collapse
  • Twist foldable inner diffuser disc
  • Optional two-sided bounce discs which twist fold like classic reflector
  • Optional silver metal deflector
  • Zipper opening for instant access to umbrella lock without removing diffusers
  • Flattered back for higher contrast for beauty lighting
  • Parabolic design for wrapping around lighting
  • Two sizes are offered to begin with Ø85cm and Ø95cm
  • Completed with adaptor ring for major brands