Bowens OCTO 90


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Just like its bigger counterpart the Bowens Octo90 is a large octagonal softbox designed to create a perfectly round pool of beautiful soft, diffused light.,

The 90cm diameter of the Octo90 makes it ideal for smaller studios who need a big beauty light but don’t have room for large parabolic reflectors. Thanks to the easy to assemble zip-up design of the softbox and its small disassembled size, the Octo90 is also perfect for location work The unique round diffuser creates aesthetically pleasing catchlights making this the perfect beauty softbox and the softness and evenness of the light means the Octo90 can be used from large lighting setups to close in to the subject with no loss in the quality of light.

Because the flash unit is mounted facing the rear of the softbox there is no hot-spot on the front diffuser – the light is bounced from the rear of the Octo90 to create a remarkably soft and even light.

To assist with creating perfect skin tones in beauty work and portraiture, the Octo90 comes supplied with two removeable inner tone reflectors, one gold and the other silver and gold – use in conjunction with the large silver interior of the softbox for amazing skin tones.

To assemble the Octo90, insert the support rods into the adaptor ring, then zip-up the side panels and secure in place with the fastening tabs – fast and simple.>

* Please note that the Octo 90 will only fit into the Heavy-duty boom stand (BW6620)