Aurora LBO


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The flat cover front softbox provides a quick and simple attachment with flatcover front diffuser.It is perfect for making smooth border between the softboxes.

  • Retractable rear cover allows for easy assembly/dis-assembly and can be used to help vent heat away.
  • Heat resistant heavy-duty metal rods maintain proper shape of softbox and front panel.
  • Choice of silver embossed or white interior linings that are highly reflective and heat resistant create pleasing  light sources
  • Sock style front diffusion panel is for quick set up and tear down.
  • Inner diffusion panel is positioned in the middle to elimiate hot spot. Use snap fastner to attach or detach the panel.
  • Handy transit bag


Model Interior Size Depth Weight
LBO 213S Silver Φ213cm(84″) 60cm(24″) 2.2Kg
LBO 213W White
LBO 150S Silver Φ150cm(50″) 41cm(16″) 1.5Kg
LBO 150W White
LBO120S Silver Φ120cm(47″) 49cm(19″) 1.2Kg
LBO 120W White
LBO 90S Silver Φ90cm(35″) 41cm(16″) 1.0Kg
LBO 90W White
LBO 60S Silver Φ60cm(24″) 36cm(14″) 0.5Kg
LBO 60W White