Aurora LBDR


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The recessed Velcro front softboxes reduces stray light and accepts Aurora’s accessories such as recessed front diffusers and grids.

  • Retractable rear cover allows for easy assembly/dis-assembly and can be used to help vent heat away.
  • Heat resistant heavy-duty metal rods maintain proper shape of softbox and front panel.
  • Choice of silver embossed or white interior linings that are highly reflective and heat resistant create pleasing  light sources
  • Velcro materials allows for a custom recess of the front diffusion panel plus quick set up and tear down.
Model Interior Size Depth Weight
LBDR 1010S Silver 100x100cm(40×40″) 48cm(19″) 1.2Kg
LBDR 1010W White
LBDR 88S Silver 80x80cm(32×32″) 46cm(18″) 1.0Kg
LBDR 88W White
LBDR 66S Silver 60x60cm(24×24″) 36cm(14″) 0.5Kg
LBDR 66W White
LBDR 45S Silver 45x45cm(18×18″) 27cm(11″) 0.4g
LBDR 45W White