Aurora LBD


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The flat cover front softbox provides a quick and simple attachment with flatcover front diffuser.It is perfect for making smooth border between the softboxes.

  • Retractable rear cover allows for easy assembly/dis-assembly and can be used to help vent heat away.
  • Heat resistant heavy-duty metal rods maintain proper shape of softbox and front panel.
  • Choice of silver embossed or white interior linings that are highly reflective and heat resistant create pleasing  light sources
  • Sock style front diffusion panel is for quick set up and tear down.
  • Inner diffusion panel is positioned in the middle to elimiate hot spot. Use snap fastner to attach or detach the panel.
  • Handy transit bag
Model Interior Size Depth Depth
LBD 1420S Silver 140x200cm(55×79″) 61cm(24″) 2.1Kg
LBD 1420W White
LBD 1218S Silver 120x180cm(47×71″) 58cm(23″) 1.7Kg
LBD 1218W White
LBD 1014S Silver 100x140cm(39×55″) 58cm(23″) 1.4Kg
LBD 1014W White
LBD 912S Silver 90x120cm(35×47″) 49cm(17″) 1.2Kg
LBD 912W White
LBD 715S Silver 70x150cm(28×59″) 51cm(19″) 1.2Kg
LBD 715W White
LBD 810S Silver 80x100cm(31×39″) 38cm(15″) 0.9Kg
LBD 810W White
LBD 68S Silver 60x80cm(24×32″) 39cm(15″) 0.4Kg
LBD 68W White